Where children and adolescents live and learn

In 1976 together with other experts I launched and established the Therapeutical Pedagogy and Small Group Schooling Association (VHPG). Since then, in addition to my official duties, I have been coordinating the activities of this organization.

What characterizes the set-up and the further development of tipiti:

  1. What we offer focuses on the children’s needs and their environment.
  2. We adapt the concepts and structures to the children and not the other way round.
  3. The most important thing for us is to provide relationship continuity and to serve as a reference point for children and adolescents beyond the formal place of residence.
  4. We develop offers only when we have the relevant staff members because they are our “capital”.

Tipiti is the largest service provider in the region, but as an institution it appears least of all. What is important for me is that the children develop their feeling of belonging to the caregivers themselves and to the living environment.

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