«As an expert I am working in countries such as Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina or in West African countries to reflect the grassroots activities in the extrafamilial upbringing and to streamline the collaboration between care providers. My role there: ability to listen, solution-oriented thinking, experience exchange and elaborating together new action concepts. In doing so, for me it is extremely important to consider how we can support those concerned so that they themselves can participate in elaborating the solutions.»

Ongoing work:

  • Lebanon, «Safepark»: ISS/ FICE Inter Programme with which the children have regular freetime and support programmes at their disposal; development of out-of-school activities, as a result teaching refugees and Lebanese

  • development of a training village for social and vocational support for single mothers and their children

Examples of further mandates:

  • Developer of standards and manuals for the out-patient and in-patient accompanying of children in difficult life situations: children living in the streets, refugee children, children in foster care, institutionalized children, etc.
    The manuals have been developed and implemented in countries like Bulgaria, Ukraine, Algeria and in West Africa together with those affected.

  • ISS/ Tipiti Cooperation: Support for integration in an extended family circle for 95% of the 4000 orphans in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the support for the foster care for children with no connection to their own family.
  • UNICEF’s mandate in Tunisia, Moldova, Belarus, Algeria: development of new forms of bringing up children abandoned by their families
  • 1984 – 1986: experience in Lebanon and Iraq during the war in Lebanon and currently in the context of the refugee crisis: the consequences for the children
  • Care and support concepts for minor asylum seekers/ unaccompanied minor foreign nationals from Bosnia, Kosovo, Africa; currently Afghanistan, Eritrea, Syria
  • Development of social and professional prospects for institutionalized children in Eastern Europe and for children living in the streets in West Africa
  • 1982 to 1983 Bangladesh: vocational training for widows in Bangladesh, who together with orphans form a new family community

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