Since 1976 Rolf Widmer has been actively performing various management functions.

This is how he sees management: “the most important thing is to engage human and professionally qualified people who share the values and the visions of the organization. Objectives should be discussed with each staff member and each of them should be treated with confidence so that they can expand their know-how through collaboration and can streamline their work. At work we are at the same level. In the context of good collaboration everyone has their own scope for action, everyone should be innovative and engaged. One should go so far away as one trusts oneself.”

With an annual budget of nine million Francs, Rolf Widmer currently manages the tipiti Association in Eastern Switzerland with 130 staff members and about 200 children who are looked after. He is also President of the Swiss Foundation of International Social Services and chairs the Swiss section of FICE International.

Further voluntary management functions:

  1. Member of the Executive Council of FICE International
  2. ARIPSY President: reintegration of young people undergone psychiatric treatment at the primary labour market
  3. SOS Children’s Village Foundation Switzerland: member of the foundation’s council for the expert support of the programme
  4. Jean Sunier Foundation: support of double- and half-orphans for their vocational integration
  5. Childcare network: platform for a qualified care for little children

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